The Finest Cocktails in Town

Our bar is fully stocked with the top quality spirits and our highly trained bar staff is ready pout a drink that is sure to please. Check out our specialty drinks below or get a custom drink mixed up to your liking today.

Drink Menu

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Nothing goes better with good pool than great beer. Revolving taps with Great LOCAL beers and drink specials.

Bottled Beers

Corona – $4.95

Corona Light – $4.95

Michelob Ultra – $3.75

Guiness – $6.95

Sweetwater420 – $5.00

Coors Light – $3.75

Miller Light – $3.75

Heineken – $4.95

Bud – $3.75

Bud Light – $3.75

Yuengling – $4.75

Draft Beers

All Domestic Drafts are 16oz

Bud, Bud Light, & Amberbock – $3.75

Stella, Shock Top – $5.95

Panty Dropper – $7.95

Blueberry IPA, Kona Big Wave – $5.95

Top Shelf spirits mixed in perfect harmony.

Dead Stroke


Captain Morgan is the base for this effortless cocktail, with hints of peach, cranberry and pineapple.

9 Ball


Three Olives Citrus and notes of orange make this cocktail a gem, with lime and sprite.

The Hustler


This cocktail has all the elements of a classic, including Crown Royal and Peach Schnapps together with a hint of raspberry and finished off with cranberry.

3 Railer


A triple hitter with Three Olives Strawberry, Coconut Rum, and Spiced Rum perfected with Pineapple Juice.

Smooth Stroke


This cocktail effortlessly combines Three Olives Vodka with Coconut Rum and Peach Schnapps, rounded off with refreshing Orange Juice.

Super Smooth and always ready for the next shot!

Trick Shot


A perfectly set up shot blends Three Olives Grape with Black Raspberry and Sprite for an impressive finish.

On The Snap


Just as lucky as your favorite cue, this shot combining Three Olives Watermelon and a splash of Sprite is sure to be a winning move

8 Ball


Three Olives Orange, Red Bull, and Jaegermeister come together in this shot named after the most infamous of billiard balls.

Jump Shot


A shot you won’t want to skip over made up of Three Olives Coconut, Pineapple and Orange juices rounded off with Grenadine.

Run Out


Three Olives Citrus and Three Olives Raspberry are followed by Razzmatazz and Sprite come together to make a surprising comeback.

Cue Ball


Simple yet essential, this shot combines Three Olives Cherry and orange flavors topped with Sprite.